DRU with Hand Pump Kit


Your Drone is stuck in a tree, The Drone Retrieval Unit, designed to put you in control. No longer will you be throwing things at your drone, or risking your life by climbing high in a tree to get your expensive investment back.   Easy to use, Just shoot the weight bag over the branch that your drone is caught on. Grab both ends of cord and shake your drone free. You can even hit the drone directly with the bag if it is wedged in the branch very tightly. The Drone Retrieval Unit will pay itself off the first time you need it. Tree services are expensive and takes time, this is a fast tool. Your friends will thank you when you get their drone back from being stuck in a tree. The DRU barrel unscrews easily by hand (no tools needed) and fits nicely in the provided storage tube with caps, making it great for the trunk of the car. This unit also fits in a backpack for those flying excursions you like to do.

This kit was put together to give you the high pressure hand pump option to fill the air chamber for Drone Retrieval.  The high pressure hand pump is capable of reaching 160 p.s.i. Giving you the ability to launch the weight bag over 100 feet in the air!  Very helpful for when your drone is stuck way up in that tree.

 Adjust your pumping pressure and you are in full control of how high it is you want to go. Easy and lightweight, the Drone Retrieval Unit will last a lifetime and gives you the confidence to fly any terrain, anytime.

This kit includes :

-1 Drone Retrieval Unit

-2 weighted bags and 150' of strong, flexible cord

-adjustable and removable grip handle

-1 high pressure hand pump

-1 easy operation instructions