First and most important, QUALITY. The DR-Unit is hand crafted using metal working equipment including CNC Lathes, high end T.I.G. welding machines and decades of combined experience in producing unique metal components for many industries using exotic metals. The Drone Retrieval Unit is Aluminum, lightweight and durable. We have done extensive testing to ensure the air chamber can withstand the pressure needed for operation, and we were not surprised when the aerospace pressure testing facility called and gave us the news that they were very impressed with the quality and the resilience to the high pressures of hydrostatic testing. Needless to say, it passed with FLYING colors!  So when you purchase a DRU, you are investing in yourself, and receiving the highest level of a metal fabricated tool available.

The inevitable, Getting a drone stuck in a tree. It is something that happens to the best of us at some point whether we are expert drone racers or the novice in the backyard at home. Being able to get your drone back, that is a good feeling. Tree services around town can get your drone back, but they charge a hefty fee to come out and retrieve your drone, one time. So if you have your own Drone Retrieval Unit to get your drone back every time, with one purchase, that makes sense.  You can even make this tool into a business of getting drones for other people, or use this for your existing business. For those who take aerial photography for events, real-estate or hobby, you can find yourself in some obscure situations far from home, or worse, its a weekend and no one is open until Monday to get your drone from that tree. It is a tool for your business that will become equally as important as your other equipment, and a tax write-off to boot!