You found the best solution for when your drone is stuck in a tree. If it hasn't happened yet, it will. Trees are natural drone magnets. This unique, patent pending design can retrieve a drone from over 100 feet high.

    Easy to use.   First, get your drone stuck in a tree, Then, Close valve, put orange bag into the barrel giving a few shakes or taps on the ground in order to get the bag to the bottom of barrel. Be very CAREFULL  that the red cord is laid out COMPLETLY in front of you and loosely on the ground where it will not get caught on twigs or anything.The bag leaves the barrel very quickly and a nasty rope burn can result.  Use good judgement as usual. When you lay the cord on the ground, do so in the order that the cord will travel, so start at the end of the cord, opposite end of orange bag, start there and use a large sweeping "S" pattern when laying cord on ground.   Pump the air chamber to desired P.S.I. ,  Take aim, give the lever a quick pull. Presto!  The goal is to get your cord over the offending drone magnet ( or branch) and let the weighted bag fall down where you can grab both ends of the cord. Then, shake the branch to free your drone. The Drone Retrieval Unit has the ability to shoot 10 feet or 100 feet high ! ! !  By using less air you can adjust the height you need to reach. The hand pump that comes with one of the kits has the ability to reach 160psi. That amount is enough to get 120 feet high!  The C02 cartridges, they are 12 gram type, and they give you around 150 psi. One cartridge equals one shot.